Ozymandias Has Fallen

Posted on March 7th, 2018


You listened. Thank you.

Today, McLennan County came together and struck a victory for justice.

In true Texan fashion, we drove a tyrant from the halls of power; a cosmic answer to the sacrifice made by our forefathers at the Alamo one hundred and eighty two years ago today.

Abel Reyna conceded the Republican primary to contender Barry Johnson at 10:00PM, having lost in a 60 / 40 landslide. The bullying, lying, intimidation, late night phone calls, and lawfare did not have their intended effect.

To all who slipped us tips, mailed encouraging words, and linked to us around the internet, this day is yours. If you voted for or donated to Reyna's opponent, sent letters to the editor, put out yard signs or billboards, took up the cause of the innocent bikers, or just told the truth to your colleagues in the breakroom or at church, then this victory belongs to you.

As for AbelReyna.com, this page will remain as a warning; to Reyna himself, lest he ever seek public office again, and against any other tyrant who would follow in his path. This journal shall live on as the testimony of those beaten down by the powerful: that the righteous will ultimately prevail against the merchants of injustice.

And to those in public service: if you place profit over fairness, ambition over duty, or convenience over truth, you could be next.