Tommy Does the Math

Posted on December 13th, 2017

Tommy Witherspoon of the Waco Trib gave his readers something to chew on yesterday, reporting that the FBI probe of Abel Reyna's corruption is ongoing.

Abel Reyna

That might be old news for us, but the Reyna supporters among Waco's aging demographic think that a given story not "real" unless it's in the local paper. Tommy kicked their butts harder than the men's room door at Golden Corral:

Strother ruled it was not necessary for Kingrey to reveal her sources and Reyna dismissed the charges against seven defendants in the auto theft ring, including at least one who was a suspect in a capital murder case involving an arson.

That should be its own page one story. Radio Legendary and have been covering this for years, but we're glad Tommy Witherspoon showed up to the party.

Also of note:

Kingrey says that while she was a detective, she began receiving information about an illegal gambling operation in Waco, adding that the organizers of the operation were”close friends” with Reyna. Kingrey said she had information that the organizers made “under-the-table contributions to him in exchange for political favors.”


She also wrote that she reviewed Reyna’s phone records from May 17, 2015, the day of the Twin Peaks shootout that left nine bikers dead, 20 injured and 177 others behind bars on identical charges. She said within 90 minutes of the deadly melee, Reyna made three phone calls. “Of those three phone calls, my review reveals that two of those calls were to persons connected to the illegal gambling operation and the providing to Reyna of under the table campaign contributions,” Kingrey said.

This must be what Harry Storm at the Lake Waco Triple Murder blog was telling us back in October about those phone calls. Kingrey's affidavit raises an interesting possibility that those two men were involved in gambling. But why would Reyna call them right after he found out about the Battle of Twin Peaks? If you know, drop up a tip.

AR has nothing left but a few sycophants on Facebook and at Channel 10. The question is whether his next four years are at home or in federal custody.

Word's going round, Jimmy's goin' down, this time it's gonna stick.