Spies, Lies, Cocaine and CI's

Posted on November 15th, 2017

By now, you're aware of the bombshell affidavit written by former First Assistant Greg Davis. It lists the criminal cases that AR dismissed for his cronies and campaign contributors. It also suggests that AR may be a cokehead.


Oddly enough, none of the official media outlets actually linked to the affidavit. Here it is. Read it carefully, because it is far more detailed (and important) than what was reported.

Mike "Dead Eye" Jarrett must be having an awkward week. Davis states that Dead Eye was running his own confidential informants on AR. They told him about something that went on at the Salty Dog, a local bar and headquarters of the aptly-named "Waco GoodFellas" charity. Could this be that cocaine blackmail tape we keep hearing about?

Asked about Abel’s possible drug use and associates – detailed his marked change in behavior and information provided by Mike’s CI about the Salty Dog. Talked about Dre and JJ per Juilissa.

Confidential sources have told AbelReyna.com in the past that "Dre" and "JJ" are AR's personal drug dealers. You can't take unnamed sources at their word. But this would explain why AR's courtroom act is pure Tuco Salamanca.

Stay tuned. All secrets have a lifespan.

Comin' Undone

AR humiliated himself by losing the Carrizal trial, just as he did in 2014 when he personally retried Ed Graf. To be a good lawyer, you actually have to know the law. During the next six months, AR is going to retry this loser of a case, while fending off a primary challenger and a perjury charge in the Clendennen case. Meanwhile, the whole county is abuzz about the Nov. 20th hearing that will explore AR's FBI problems in depth.

Hold on tight, folks. Because when this story finally blows, it's gonna make L.A. Confidential look like Sesame Street.