The Legendary: Full Story of Auto Thieves Freed by AR?

Posted on March 15th, 2013

The Legendary has published a full report of the dark story of the auto theft gang at the source of the blowup between Waco PD and AR's office.

The Legendary Reporter R.S. Gates obtained 54 pages of official police records compiled by Waco Neighborhood Services Detective Sherry Kingrey, Badge #101, through a Public Information Act request, an appeal that was referred to the Open Records Division of the Texas Attorney General's Office, and granted by the Waco City Attorney's Office.

In this report, the leak formerly in AR's office is alleged to have been Julie Olejarski. The other leaker, who is, as of this writing, still employed by AR, is alleged to be Delena Gordon, who was a target in the Waco PD warrant roundup last week. However, the report makes it clear that the allegation about Gordon is unproven.

The story is worth a read. Theft, drug abuse, murder, police drama-- it's all there.

Phone calls, text messages, interviews, information received from unnamed confidential informants, aerial surveillance by helicopter, teletype messages, cell phone records – all reveal moments of high drama. Part of the intense narrative includes a peripheral reference in a Februray 13, 2012 text message to a woman named Ashley Dawn Rogers, a woman contacted by one of the suspects who asked if she knew of anyone who would like to buy the stolen 1998 Ford Mustang. She would be dead in a matter of three days, her life and the lives of two of her children lost in a sudden and raging fire across town in a Bosqueville trailer park on Feb. 16.

Also, not everyone believes that the fire that killed Rogers was an accident:

A Waco fire investigator has refused to sign off on the notion – accepted by elements of the Waco detectives' force – that the fire was accidental. The official fire department investigation report shows only a source of heat, but no real cause, a matter that is still under investigation.

Visit The Legendary for links to the numerous parties casting allegations of arson, both to The Legendary and on Youtube.

Update: Pyramid Guy has been identified as Delvin Maddison. An earlier post at The Legendary identified him as a suspect in the investigation into Rogers' death. See Maddison's colorful, if explicit, protestation of innocence on Youtube.