McLennan County District Attorney

Secret Recording: Reyna is Hiding Evidence

Now comes the part of the story where the bad guys start killing eachother.

Reservoir Dogs

Add Chris Lindsey, a lawyer for the Attorney General of the State of Texas, to the list of people who know that Abel Reyna tried to illegally bury evidence in the trial of Bandido Jake Carrizal.

Casie Gotro recorded him saying as much. Listen here starting at 1:20:

We've now had this one do it and we've had the Travis County Attorney do it as well, we're just... it's a matter of time before someone has to shut it down, but here we are.

It became immediately apparent that what you're [Gotro] saying is essentially true as far as the double dealing, the hiding things... and they're not assuming their responsibilities. And in the end, we've got these civil cases, these [USC section] 1983 cases where Abel's gonna start pointing the finger at my guys... and we know full well I don't want to be in situation where, when this whole thing craters-- and it will-- we get cause in the blast...

He [a Texas Ranger] calls me last week and he's like "Hey, Abel Reyna gave me your phone number... He's telling me I don't need to turn over CI [confidential informant] information, because it happened after Twin Peaks, and it's not right." [Gotro laughing]

I'm like "What?!" He's like "Yeah, it didn't soun...

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