Waco Trib Editorial Board: "abysmal communication and organizational skills"

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The Waco Trib published an editorial supporting AR's "strong anti-crime stance", while acknowledging "strong evidence" of AR's "abysmal communication and organizational skills."

[...] if cases aren’t resolved promptly, defendants languish in jail awaiting trial.

Examples cited in court last week include Reyna’s refusing to let defense attorneys see case files prior to indictments, offering tough initial plea deals that most defendants will automatically reject, the lack of polygraphs to better size up cases and requiring pretrial “announcement” hearings that defense attorneys say are unproductive and waste time.

Waco lawyer Robert Callahan, who worked at the district attorney’s office under Reyna’s predecessor, John Segrest, highlighted two cases he described as “horror stories,” including that of a man he said was wrongfully accused of helping his wife kidnap her own child. Callahan said he proved his client was transporting the child under a legal court order but that it still took the district attorney six months to dismiss the case. If so, no wonder Callahan fumed.

Ray Romano

Reyna seems like a real fascist. Every time I check his facebook page or his website he's gloating about putting people in prison. But when you read the Trib you can tell that lots of these people aren't guilty.

2013-02-12 6:40 pm