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More Letters to the Trib from Concerned Citizens

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District attorney questioned

Facebook DA Owned on Facebook

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More reader-supplied content:

Trib: Reyna’s Handling of Alleged Leak Raises Concerns About his Leadership

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Another scathing editorial on the Facebook DA from the Waco Trib:

Police: Informant's Name Still Not Secure at AR's Office

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From the Waco Trib:
Waco police officials reiterated Monday they will not divulge the identifies of confidential informants in cases associated with an alleged auto theft ring.
Bostwick said at a hearing Friday that the city is concerned for the safety of its informants and believes that information about this case "is not secure" because of suspected…

Letter to Waco Trib: "Thick-Headed" DA


From the Waco Trib:

AR Makes Waco Trib's Quote of the Week


There is no problem between the DA and Waco police, claims AR-- except for the detective who is "subverting justice":

Waco Trib Editorial Board: "abysmal communication and organizational skills"

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The Waco Trib published an editorial supporting AR's "strong anti-crime stance", while acknowledging "strong evidence" of AR's "abysmal communication and organizational skills."
[...] if cases aren’t resolved promptly, defendants languish in jail awaiting trial.