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The Legendary: Full Story of Auto Thieves Freed by AR?


The Legendary has published a full report of the dark story of the auto theft gang at the source of the blowup between Waco PD and AR's office.

More Letters to the Trib from Concerned Citizens

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District attorney questioned

Trib: Reyna’s Handling of Alleged Leak Raises Concerns About his Leadership

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Another scathing editorial on the Facebook DA from the Waco Trib:

AR Dismisses Cases Over Informant's Name

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Today, AR made good on his threat to dismiss charges against seven defendants who were allegedly part of an auto theft ring. AR said he did this because Waco Police, fearing for the safety of their confidential informant due to an alleged leak in AR's office, refused to disclose the person's identity.

Police: Informant's Name Still Not Secure at AR's Office

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From the Waco Trib:
Waco police officials reiterated Monday they will not divulge the identifies of confidential informants in cases associated with an alleged auto theft ring.
Bostwick said at a hearing Friday that the city is concerned for the safety of its informants and believes that information about this case "is not secure" because of suspected…

AR Makes Waco Trib's Quote of the Week


There is no problem between the DA and Waco police, claims AR-- except for the detective who is "subverting justice":

Waco Trib: Case Exposes Trust Issues Between DA's Office, Police

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A police detective’s refusal to turn over the name of a confidential informant to prosecutors has cast a public spotlight on a private rift between the Waco Police Department and the McLennan County District Attorney’s office.