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AR.com: Bad; Nationwide

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2015 is shaping up to be a worse year for AR than 2014.
Last week, this humble journal of McLennan County's brass-knuckled Fist of Justice received over 3,000 hits, and was viewed from all 50 states.
In short: Abelreyna.com is bad. We're nationwide.
AR was handed by Divine Providence the Twin Peaks opportunity to prove that he values…

Letter to Waco Trib: "Thick-Headed" DA


From the Waco Trib:

Opinion: Defense Attorneys Criticize, AR Defends Prosecutorial Abuse

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The McLennan County Commissioners' Court held a hearing last week, trying to find out why the jails are full, the courts are backlogged, and why criminal justice is costing taxpayers so much money.

AR Makes Waco Trib's Quote of the Week


There is no problem between the DA and Waco police, claims AR-- except for the detective who is "subverting justice":

Waco Trib Editorial Board: "abysmal communication and organizational skills"

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The Waco Trib published an editorial supporting AR's "strong anti-crime stance", while acknowledging "strong evidence" of AR's "abysmal communication and organizational skills."
[...] if cases aren’t resolved promptly, defendants languish in jail awaiting trial.


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