Letter to Waco Trib: "Thick-Headed" DA


From the Waco Trib:

AbelReyna.com Exclusive: AR to End Appointed Defense Counsel; Judge Strother Fights Back

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Anyone reading this blog over the last week must be left wondering: "So AR, a former defense attorney, gets elected with the support of the defense bar, only to emerge as an even more anti-justice partisan than his predecessor. But why?"

Opinion: Defense Attorneys Criticize, AR Defends Prosecutorial Abuse

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The McLennan County Commissioners' Court held a hearing last week, trying to find out why the jails are full, the courts are backlogged, and why criminal justice is costing taxpayers so much money.

AbelReyna.com Exclusive: Ambush Prosecutions in McLennan County

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The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America states:

AR Makes Waco Trib's Quote of the Week


There is no problem between the DA and Waco police, claims AR-- except for the detective who is "subverting justice":

Waco Trib Editorial Board: "abysmal communication and organizational skills"

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The Waco Trib published an editorial supporting AR's "strong anti-crime stance", while acknowledging "strong evidence" of AR's "abysmal communication and organizational skills."
[...] if cases aren’t resolved promptly, defendants languish in jail awaiting trial.

Waco Trib: Case Exposes Trust Issues Between DA's Office, Police

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A police detective’s refusal to turn over the name of a confidential informant to prosecutors has cast a public spotlight on a private rift between the Waco Police Department and the McLennan County District Attorney’s office.


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