More Letters to the Trib from Concerned Citizens

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District attorney questioned

I appreciate McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna keeping his campaign promise to be tough on crime. However, it appears that he has not made an effort to work with other entities, such as the county, police department and community leaders.

I follow his Facebook page to keep up with legal local happenings, and I’ve been shocked at some of the online comments he has recently made. He has complained about the county, police departments and the media.

This is totally unprofessional for a community leader. His focus should be prosecuting criminals and working with other departments to get this done.

Melissa Johnson, Waco

Dropped charges

I’m concerned charges for seven felony cases were dismissed by McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna after Waco police worried about possible leaks in the DA’s office. Police say they did their jobs. A judge says the information the DA wanted was unnecessary. And the Tribune-Herald reports there were confessions. So why are these cases being dismissed? Is this how our tax dollars are being spent?

Tom Ellis, Waco

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