Letter to Waco Trib: "Thick-Headed" DA


From the Waco Trib:

As someone whose family has been in Waco for four generations, I keep abreast of area happenings. I have followed closely District Attorney Abel Reyna’s shrill public outbursts against the Tribune-Herald with ever-growing amazement.

Instead of issuing a simple denial of his office’s alleged rocky relationship with the Waco Police Department, Reyna chooses to respond angrily to the Trib for doing its job. This displays a remarkably thin-skinned, thick-headed approach to legitimate questions and criticisms.

It’s Politics 101. The Trib buys ink by the barrel and some Waco police apparently don’t trust him. That Reyna doesn’t seem to understand this should call into question his fitness to hold office.

Christopher Diaz-Overby, Waco

Sonia Fox

He's not thick-headed! It's solid the whole way through.

2013-02-19 10:49 am

Jeff O'Connell

Good one, Sonia.

I concur. He's a beefy little Hitler.

2013-02-25 2:33 pm