AR Dismisses Cases Over Informant's Name

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Today, AR made good on his threat to dismiss charges against seven defendants who were allegedly part of an auto theft ring. AR said he did this because Waco Police, fearing for the safety of their confidential informant due to an alleged leak in AR's office, refused to disclose the person's identity.

AR seems to be having a rare moment of conscience about which cases he will go to the mat over.

This dismissal comes despite Judge Strother's review of the matter, wherein he determined that the informant's role was in the "periphery at best" and refused to force Waco Policy Detective Sherry Kingrey to reveal the informant's name.

Read the whole story here.

That's right, McLennan County. Despite getting a pass from the judge, tough-on-crime AR has set a gang of alleged auto thieves free, out of what appears to be no more than juvenile spite against Waco's finest.

Stay tuned for more on that "juvenile" element in the coming days...

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